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Insight Into Vibrational Homoeopathy

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Insight Into Vibrational Homoeopathy
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This team is headed by Mr Prabhakar Torvi who served in Indian Air Force as an Electronic Engineer (RadarFitter) and a Quality Inspector. Handled Precision Electronic Equipments and same time practiced Homoeopathic Medicine in Indian Airforce . Airforce is want of Homeopathic Physicians. Keen interest in the field of Homoeopathic medicine And the sound electronic background made the unique combination to produce Quality Radionic ( Vibrational Machine) and defiantly with the blessings of “Lord Shri Chidambareshwara and the spiritual Guru Shri Yogiraaj Manohar Harkare” secret of Radionic Machine was revealed.Prabhakar Torvi Completed MD(AM) from Indian Board Of Alternative Medicine in 1993.Diploma in Acupuncture, From Maharastra Board of Acupuncture and Acupressure Science.And his close associate Dr(Mrs) Suvarna Prabhakar BHMS (MD) Homoeo, is his co-researcher. Presently working in Appollo Hospital Shivamogga(Shimoga), Handling all types of critical cases giving excellent results. She has been requested by many groups to start New Establishment with them. She also being called as Mata Omakareshwari (Her Janma Naam) to know about her devine life Click Here

..........My Radionic Machine has been tested by me in these 10 years works well with Malcolm Rae(Yvon Combe) Rates. we will always be thankful to Dr Malcolm Rae for constantly guiding us intuitionally, When in doubt we meditate on him to get the answers. As we both fall under the same category (Engineer and as well as Homoeopath).

...........First I got influenced by the medicine of Soham Foundation’s. Home kits and Village kits. Later I understood that these medicines are nothing but the Vibrational Medicines. I would like to Express my Gratitude to wards Sri Sri Narayani Anand who brought Vibrational Medicine to our reach.

...........Our mission is to establish Drugless therapy centres at every village and to train Villagers to avoid drugs as much as possible.

Vibrational Medicine is Specially Meant for Social Service. By keeping this aspect Many Satya Sai Healing centres are Functioning throughout india.

Similarly with the Kind Blessing Of BEKKINA KALLMATH Swamiji of Shimoga we have started Seva Centre Math Giving Free Medical treatment and consultation to all to propagate vibrational system of medicine.


WARNING: This Instrument is not a medical device and is not a substitute for medical treatment and under no circumstances should you consider it to be so. If you are concerned about any condition or symptom you or any other person are experiencing, see a licensed medical practitioner immediately. It is also not a magical or miracle device and no responsibility is taken for any effect or action which may or may not happen as a result of you using this device.

Radionic treatment is NOT a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. Persons seeking treatment should always take the advice of a licensed medical practitioner first.