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However its seems very astonishing that Bach, Australian, Beily, flower, works excellently to solve different situations in our life so they are called as Soul Remedies
There are the Proven Combinations of Flower Remedies Found effective in various Situations
Sajan:   Husband to return home early. These medicines to be take by wife. If she wishes her husband to return early Home. Dosage 2 golbules twice a day
PHD pills: To have deep knowledge in any subject Its most essential. Suitable to studing children those who does not study deep and  for those who are doing research. Dosage 2 Globules twice a day.
Puja Pills: " Some people keep telling Bhagwan hamara suntahee nahee" God is not liestning to us, Etc such people to take 2 pills twice. They receive satisfying answers.
Asha Pills: If taken by the occupants of sick persons their blessing effects sick and makes faster recovery.
Dosage: 2pills Thrice a day. to all people in home except the sick.
Boss Pills: If you are feeling that you are not able to handle the situation ( workers) then you must take these pills to have controll over them. They obey you sincerly. Dosage : 2 Pills Thrice a day.
Sports UP: This is the best to take during sports you are less likely to get tired and hope for success will increase. 2 Pills every 2 hours durings sports. Don't worry you wont be get caught for having druggs.
Ambani: To get success in the financial position. and to avoid un necessary wasteage of money, and to grow rich.
Dosage : 2 golbules 3 times.
Hospitality: Specially meant for those who lack of Hospitality or for excessive Hospitality Dosage: 2 globues twice a day.
Sasbahu: Lack of understanding between sas bahu, Zagada, kitch, kitch, ten globules to be put in Water filter, so that understaning  between occupants increases hence ends the misunderstandings.
OLD AGE CURE: Insecurity, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Dependency,Weekness,must for old so that they stay in comfort. Dosage: Two globules thrice a day.

WARNING: This Instrument is not a medical device and is not a substitute for medical treatment and under no circumstances should you consider it to be so. If you are concerned about any condition or symptom you or any other person are experiencing, see a licensed medical practitioner immediately. It is also not a magical or miracle device and no responsibility is taken for any effect or action which may or may not happen as a result of you using this device.

Radionic treatment is NOT a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. Persons seeking treatment should always take the advice of a licensed medical practitioner first.